Take action

For our cause to be a success, grassroots support from across the country is essential. Help to encourage the change we want made, by taking action now.

Members of Parliament are always keen to get an idea of which issues are on the minds of their constituents. You can e-mail or write to your local MP, but if you can grab their attention with a phone call, you’re guaranteed to make the best impact possible.

To find your local MP’s contact details, use Parliament.uk’s ‘Find your MP’ tool.

Briefing Note
People from across the country, who have footpaths running through their family home, have written to us concerned that anyone has legal access into their home.  Many have contacted their MP to express their concern and to press for a change to the law. The  ‘Briefing Note’ gives some background information and lists those MP’s who are or have been contacted.  If you are aware of anyone so affected contact the campaign through our contact us page.

Follow this link to view the Briefing Note

Get in touch with your local council members
You can often make a big difference on the local level, too. Contact your local council members and ask them to commit to changing their strategic planning documents. The revisions should include removing footpaths that run through homes, gardens and footpaths.

To find out who your local councillor is, visit Directgov and use their councillor search tool.