Most, if not all of us, have our own personal Footpath problem and by helping each other we have gained knowledge and growing expertise in the very complex area of Public Rights of Way.

If you need our help we will try to assist you if we can.

We need to grow our membership numbers in order to have a bigger voice for change.

If you are suffering from an intrusive footpath, try the following actions.

  1. Contact IF and outline your problem.
  2. Look at The Planning Inspectorate’s website.  You will find advice on procedures and what is required and helpful booklets.  All ‘orders’ are published. See if you can find a similar one to your own.
  3. Purchase The Blue Book. Available from Open Spaces Society,  Henley – on Thames.
  4. Request copies of evidence (from your County Council) submitted with any modification order.
  5. Request copies of the Provisional, draft and final Definitive Map. 
  6. Find out if there is a ‘specialist’ Rights of Way solicitor in your area. Make first enquiries.
  7. Contact your local MP and local County Councillor.
  8. Consider joining the Country Land and Business Association.  Whilst they won’t offer legal advice or act for members their National Access Adviser gives sound advice.
    Membership starts from £201 for a year – equivalent nowadays to about one hour of a professional’s time.
If you would like to help with our work, are members of the press or have a question we would love to hear from you.